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Campus Mail handles the collection and delivery of all official University correspondence. It is a service made available to all University departments. Currently, more than 200 buildings with University units receive daily service. Mail Services collects, sorts, and delivers more than 10,000 pieces of campus mail each day. Standard delivery time from pick up to drop off is 24 hours. If you experience service delays, please contact Mail Services at (734) 764-9227.

Tips for Addressing Campus Mail
Campus Mail is collected at the same time and location as outgoing US mail. Here are some tips to ensure prompt delivery:

  • Addressing is the most important factor. Include the intended recipient's name, Building/Department, room number, the street address, and the campus ZIP. A properly formatted address would look like the following example:

    Jane Smith
    FAB Rm 203B
    503 Thompson St.

  • Separate U.S. mail from Campus Mail.
  • For larger campus mailings (200 or more pieces), address with computer labels, sort and apply in ZIP Code order. To save time and free up staff resources, Mail Services can address the pieces for you. Call (734) 764-9227 for more information or go to addressing .
  • Include the words "Campus Mail" in the upper right-hand corner of materials such as self-mailers or booklets.
  • Materials that should not be sent through Campus Mail include stapled items, currency, library books, personal items, and office supplies.

All mail is sorted by the campus ZIP number. When it is delivered to building mailrooms or designated locations, the building's internal staff will complete the delivery, sorting by the department and/or recipient's name on each piece. If you are unsure of a campus address, refer to our Address/ZIP lookup database.

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