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Preparing Mail for Metering
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Preparing Mail for Metering

Mail Services does not charge a fee to Central Campus units for metering outgoing letter mail; units are charged for actual postage.

Mail Services has developed a barcoding system to track postage expenses accurately and Service Unit Bill (SUB) to your department's shortcode as a postage charge. Barcodes are obtained on our barcode request page. A shortcode/barcode must accompany each request for service. 

A barcoded bundle of mail may contain numerous classes of mail, but they all must be charged to the same shortcode account (see information below for sorting and separating mail). If your mail needs to be charged to more than one shortcode, each grouping of mail will require a separate shortcode/barcode. For your convenience, shortcode/barcodes are available in a number of ways: reusable mylar cards, two sizes of self-adhesive labels, and paper barcode sheets.

Packaging and Separating Mail
Items sent to Mail Services for metering should be packaged carefully to avoid damage in transit. Please do not place mail in cardboard boxes or send loose. Proper mailing containers are available through Mail Services by calling (734) 764-9227 or by asking your route driver. Smaller mailings (for example, those you could hold in one hand) should be held together by rubber bands with their shortcode/barcode placed on top. Larger mailings (for example, those requiring a box or bag in order to carry) should be placed in approved containers with the shortcode/barcode securely attached. Multi-container mailings should have copies of the shortcode/barcode attached to each container.

Separating mail by service class is also important. Outgoing U.S. Mail should be separated from internal campus mail. International mail should be separated from domestic mail. International mail for Canada should be separated from all other international mail. Within each class, please separate mail by weight. 

An example of how to submit your envelopes to Mail Services for sealing.
Mail metering equipment seals all domestic open-side envelopes, such as standard #10 business envelopes and flat-size booklet envelopes. These envelopes should be submitted to Mail Services with flaps closed. Open-ended envelopes, such as coin envelopes or flat-size catalog envelopes, cannot be sealed automatically on metering equipment and should be sealed prior to giving them to Mail Services.

All international mail should be sealed by the sender. Self-mailers or booklets should not be sent to an international address unless placed in a sealed envelope. When sealing is required for either international mail or mail that cannot be sealed automatically, an additional charge will be applied.

All envelopes with metal clasps should be sealed prior to sending to Mail Services.

All domestic self-mailers should be tabbed (no staples, please), with the fold at the bottom below the address. This will allow the mail piece to meet automation standards. Mail Services now offers tabbing as a fee-based service.

USPS Quick Service Guide 201b: Tabs and Wafer Seals

Facing Direction
All mail sent to Mail Services for metering should face in the same direction and be sorted by size and weight. This will reduce handling time and allow for efficient metering.

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